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Fleas and Ticks

Fleas are a common insect found in the hair coat of all domestic animals

Fleas are a common insect found in the hair coat of all domestic animals and their presence does not indicate that your pet is dirty – they can be present in the cleanest of pets and homes. If you suspect your pet has fleas, they may be itching, have loose fur around the base of the tail, have brown powder in their coat and you may even see small brown insects running over the skin. 

To prevent your pet from becoming infested with fleas, we recommend regular treatment of all pets in the home with prescription medication available from the practice. Fleas can also become infected with a tapeworm egg so it is important to combine flea and tapeworm control.


Ticks are becoming an increasing problem in the UK and their bites can lead to irritation, abscesses and disease transmission. Ticks are found more commonly where the vegetation is dense or where livestock and wildlife are present.


Ideally, tick checks would be performed daily to reduce the risk of spreading diseases and this can be done by grooming or stroking your pet, paying particular attention to the armpits, groin, muzzle, ears, between the toes and around the tail.

If you find a tick, we recommend it is removed swiftly with a tick removal tool rather than pulling it out with your hands, as this can leave behind infected mouth parts. We stock tick prevention medications and recommend their use especially during the Spring and Autumn months when the tick population is at the highest level.

We would be happy to talk about the most suitable type of flea or tick prevention for your pet so please ring or come into the practice for a chat.

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